Fed up with spending a fortune on hiring? Sick of costly turnover? Have a few rotten apples slipped into your ranks?​

I help employers hire the right person for any position. Get ready for hiring to be simpler & faster!

Handwriting tells us what's going on behind the facade. It never lies.

Receive information tailored to your culture, & one-of-a-kind challenges.

Use Handwriting Analysis as a risk management tool. Bypass dishonest, manipulative, depressed, malicious, resentful, unmotivated, or potentially hostile candidates. 



    Kimberly Schenk, CMHA 

I make hiring the best, easy.


As a Headhunter & business owner I understand the challenges of hiring & keeping good people. 

Handwriting gives decision makers a more complete understanding of the personality of applicants. Get the crucial information needed for great hiring decisions.


               The Flatirons, Boulder, CO

 Graphology is a proven, insightful hiring tool.

   I help companies:

* Choose the best candidate for the job

* Increase Retention

* Decrease hiring costs

* Avoid hiring problem employees. 

* Improve retention: Hire people who'll blossom in your environment. They'll stay longer. Choose candidates with values that resonate with your vision.
* Save time and money. Evaluate managers before promoting from within. Are they ready for more responsibility or over-stressed, now?
* Compare candidates by crucial character traits. Skip interviews with mismatches, and shorten your process.​

* Enjoy fewer steps in hiring: Identify those intangible qualities that make or break a successful performer. 
* Are you looking for team leaders or team players?

* Affordable. Save tens, even hundreds of thousands in replacement & hiring costs with an accurate selection tool.

* Writing reveals character traits our conscious minds may try to hide and interviews fail to uncover.