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Handwriting tells us what's going on behind the facade. 

Each person & each company is unique. Receive quick or in-depth  reports, tailored to your industry, culture, & one-of-a-kind challenges.



Use Handwriting Analysis To Evaluate Talent: ​Graphology works like a 'Truth Serum'.

Peek into a candidate's true personality before making an offer! 


I offer graphology services tailored to you! I'll work with you to address your specific criteria.

I'm Kimberly Schenk & I'm here to help. 720-675-3547

As a Headhunter & business owner I understand the challenges of hiring & keeping good people.  Handwriting provides crucial information for great personnel & relationship decisions.


               The Flatirons, Boulder, CO

Profiling with handwriting analysis has advanced more in the last 100 years than the prior 2000 years.

* Reduce turnover! Hire the best person for each position. Avoid hiring Trouble!

* Improve retention: If your retention rate is 70% bring it up to 99%!
* Save time and money. Evaluate managers. What are their inner weaknesses and strengths? Are they ready for more responsibility or a different position?
* Compare candidates by the crucial traits the position requires & hire the best fit.

* Reduce Stress 
* Compatibility of teams
* Jury selection and more!

VAlUE: Affordable, Insightful reports for outstanding hires.

*Writing reveals character traits our conscious minds may try to hide and interviews fail to uncover.